Anant Swami
Founder, Principal Architect

Anant is our resident design lead. As a practitioner, teacher, and artist, he brings a robust design philosophy customised to each project and client.

Obsessed with the possibility of becoming an architect long before architecture school, Anant would spend his time daydreaming about designing buildings. His educational journey finally opened up a new world for him, and over the decades of practice, he realised that architecture and design provided an opportunity to develop a sense of altruism. His interest in spirituality led him to the writings by Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa about 'man, his future, and his goal', imbuing him with a deeper understanding of his immediate environment, landscape and ecology. He believes that good design is art applied; instilling a sense of beauty and well-being into our surroundings has the potential to change an individual and inspire society. He is particularly passionate about making design accessible to all.

He is also an adjunct professor at RVCA Bangalore and a jury member at esteemed design & architecture schools in Bombay, Mysore and Bangalore. He was formerly a partner at Architects Align, heavily involved in local and international projects.

Deepti Swami
Founder, Senior Associate Architect

Deepti is passionate, intuitive and spontaneous architect. She is a colourist who elevates the mood of and enhances the user experience of architectural forms and surfaces with light, shadows, textures and colours.

As an architect she has experience of over 25 years - working on architecture, interior and landscape projects.

Her wide knowledge of plants that goes deeper into their environmental and medicinal value. This brings in a unique dimension to landscape design, allowing the dwellers to not only enjoy the flora, but also benefit from it.

Our Interior designs have gained new dimension with a fresh approach of artist and art curator Chinmayi, - their arrangements of picturesque compositions infused with art, artefacts and simple yet artistic objects in a client’s day-to-day living.

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